What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Last week there was a wedding of my elder brother. Due to the busy work schedule, I was not able to help my family in ‘wedding related stuff’. Though it was not an issue as there were many people to help them out. The real issue comes when I wanted to buy a dress for myself, and I have had hardly 2 days. I opened my laptop, typed ‘  Wedding Kurta for men’, the first website appeared, I went through it, loved one, ordered one. Promptly.

So, now you may ask, why I am telling this to you and how it is related to SEO?

Well, there are many articles on Internet of SEO. But, when I started learning, I didn’t get it much faster. So, I want to make it easy for you.

What is SEO in Marketing?

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is nothing but a technique to bring your website on the first page of the Search Engine(yes, there are many other than Google. Haha !).

SEO is one of the important aspects of Digital Marketing. Yes, really important, because it’s organic(free) and if performed ethically, it works for long term.

As you know now, SEO means bringing website on the first page. Let’s move towards my wedding dress. When I typed ‘Wedding Kurta for Men’, I clicked on the first website and made a purchase. Don’t know, maybe I had not enough time, or I don’t go with brand names.

Who knows maybe the 4th website from the second page would have better kurtas from the one that I had bought. And here’s SEO magic worked for the 1st website. They gained the customer because they were on the top.

It’s just an example. Just think, there can be many people like me who don’t even bother to go for second page of Search Engine.It doesn’t matter who have awesome collections of kurtas offline. Online SEO is the king. Now, I think you know the result. Absolutely correct.

They lose customers. They lose money.

That is why SEO is important.

How SEO Works?

To know this, first of all, let’s see how Search Engine works(From now we will take Google as an example). You see, there are millions of websites are on the Internet. Google shows only 10 on the first page. The best 10.

Now, let’s see. How Google determines these ‘best 10’.

  • Google’s crawlers/bots(consider software program) go through all the websites on the internet.
  • After crawling, it indexes all the web pages.
  • Now you see, Google has data to show you.As they have indexed websites.
  • Now users like you and I will ask for this data. Simply, we will type something into search box. Let’s say ‘ Best Digital Marketing Agency in Pune”.
  • Google will go into their index, will decide which website is more relevant to users. The one, which is properly optimized, and most relevant. Google will display that.

     In short, Google or any other search engine goes for relevancy. Google is number one and way ahead of contemporaries like Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo etc. Because it takes care of users. So, if you want to please Google, make your website that Google loves. Which means user-friendly !!

 Now, I feel you have a little understanding of how Google works.

SEO works in line with Google’s algorithm.

So what to do to bring the website on the first page?

Technically, there are two parts/types of SEO.

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

On Page SEO – It refers to all the activities performed within the webpage. Be it, keyword research, keyword mapping, HTML code optimization, Fresh content and more than 200 other factors.

Yes, I understand it is getting a little boring and complex (if you are non-digital marketer).

Okay make it simple, consider I am a lawyer. I made a website. When I am writing content for my website, I should include ‘ Lawyer in Pune/Mumbai’ keyword .. When People will search on Google ‘lawyer in Pune or Mumbai’, my website will appear.(this is just a single aspect, On Page SEO is more than this).

Then my content should not be copied from anywhere else. My website speed should be fast enough. Content should be long enough.

See, as said earlier, Google loves websites which has some value. If your website is relevant, it is loading fast, then Google considers your website is valuable to its users.  

Off Page SEO – It refers to all the activities you perform outside your website. Well, you optimized your website. You made all the necessary changes to the website which will provide value to users. But, wait. On Page SEO alone can’t help you to rank your website. If this was easy, anybody could rank for keywords. If my competitor is also a lawyer and made a similar website like mine with the same keyword ‘ lawyer in Pune’. He could also rank, eventually, Google could have become messy.

Off Page SEO means marketing your website, as simple it is.

Don’t get confused.

Technically, you have to build backlinks. For example, XYZ is a restaurant website. They have done their on-page SEO well. Now consider, ABC is a food blogger, who loves to write reviews about the restaurant and it’s food items. ABC knows already that XYZ is a great restaurant, and its website is also well made (yes it is more important). Afterward, ABC decides to write a review on XYZ restaurant. While writing a review, ABC gave a link www.xyz.com in his blog. Just a slight difference, the link won’t be like this. It would be- XYZ is one of the finest restaurants in the city’. Behind that red-colored XYZ, there would be a link. When you will click on that ‘red XYZ’, XYZ’s website will be opened.

Why build backlinks?

It’s really interesting. Read carefully now. When people link to your website, Google assumes that your website must be valuable, that’s why people are linking to it. Like votes. People giving their vote to your website by linking to you. Google find your website credible and rank it.

     The interesting part is ahead. A few years back, people started misusing this factor. They started building as many links possible manually. A website which has more backlinks used to rank higher in search results. Then, Google understood this and came up with a strong update.

So now, it doesn’t matter how many backlinks you build. The one who is giving backlink and the one who is receiving must be relevant.

For example, if you are having a lawyer’s website, backlink should come from another lawyer’s website. If your website is education related, another education website can link to you. 

Note it down. Google loves relevancy.

More valuable and relevant your links are chances are you will rank higher. There are other factors involved too like Page Authority/ Domain Authority. But, I won’t go in deep. Just keep in mind, website which is linking to you should have some kind of authority, importance in eyes of Google. So, it will affect you in a good way.

Which matters most? On Page vs Off Page SEO

 The answer is both. The reason is pretty simple. As, you know. Google came with an update. So, now you can’t make backlinks unethically. Thus, to gain backlinks, your content, your website structure should be well. Otherwise, nobody will link to your website. Good SEO practice consists of combination of both On page and off page seo. Build your website, make it user-friendly, do all the necessary changes then start building links.

How to build backlinks?

To build backlinks you can do following things –

  • Start blogging on your website. Blogging will give a reason for people to link to your website.
  • Promote your website on social media
  • There are multiple social bookmarking websites available. Bookmark your website’s URL there.
  • Guest blogging. You can write on somebody else’s website with permission, and can put your website’s link in your blog.

            There are many other techniques like blog commenting, video marketing, infographics creation etc.


SEO is free. If you have done it properly, you will receive free traffic. Among these free traffic, surely some amount of people will buy your products. Even if you are not into ‘Product based business’, if your website is on top, psychologically, people will tend to see you as an industry leader.

I hope you understood, what is SEO and why should we do it. If you still have any query, feel free to call me.

And yes, my brother is happily married now. Haha !!

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