Social Media Marketing in Pune

“Gone are the days when people used to use Social Media for entertainment. Now people use it for marketing their businesses.”  And why not? There is potential. Over 2 billion people in the world use different Social media platforms. As a business entity, we have our target audience revolving there. Social Media Marketing gives immense exposure to your brand if used creatively. If you are looking for someone who does Social Media Marketing in Pune, then your search ends here, I promise!

Marketing is core. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn are just the tools.  As a Social Media Marketer in Pune, I combine my Marketing knowledge into these Social media platforms.

Though Social Media Marketing looks easy, but actually it’s not. There is a category of people exist who thinks boosting posts and running page likes campaign means Social Media Marketing. Why to hire anyone for such an easy task?

If that was such easy, why would have big brands like Coca Cola, Amazon spent millions of rupees in Social Media Advertising? They don’t just boost posts.

People use Social Media platforms for communicating with their friends, to follow their favorite celebrities, politicians, to share their photographs, stories. Social Media is not Google! People are neither searching for products on Social Media nor they like to see ads.

Social Media Marketing is an art of creating brand awareness and boost sales when people are not using Social Media for buying anything. I called it art, because very few have actually mastered it. There are many Social Media Marketing Companies in Pune who claims that they are the best in the business, but you make your decision wisely, as Social Media is a sensitive topic. It can make your brand, also break too.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Increased Brand Awareness

You know how many people are online daily. Social Media Marketing allows you to expose your brand/products/services to these people. Although organic reach has declined, targeted paid campaigns helps you to reach your desired audience.

Thought Leadership

If I say, I am the best social media marketer in Pune, nobody will believe. But if they see my content on Social Media, my contribution to India’s biggest Digital Marketing Facebook Group, my LinkedIn followers, they are likely to trust me! Social Media allows to establish your thought leadership.

Better Customer Service

Customers are the center of any business. To serve them well, to solve their queries is what makes business Successful. Social Media channels are the easiest way to connect with your customers and vice versa. Technology has made it more simple and advanced, now you can use Chatbots to attend users’ queries. Even if you are asleep, your ‘Bot Receptionist’ will help the users!

Helps to create Brand Authority

If you’re new in the business, you opened your Facebook page or Instagram account today and started selling your products or services, the amount of people likely to buy from you would be less, because they don’t know you. Steady efforts with the help of Social Media Marketing helps you to create your authority in the Market.

Inbound Traffic

Does your business have a Website? You must want people to visit your website, right? Besides SEO and PPC, Social Media Marketing does that for you. When you promote posts including your Website URL in the caption, you get inbound traffic. i.e people who clicks on that website URL link and redirects on the website. Also while running paid campaigns, we redirect people from Social Media to the Website.

Why Choose me?

For the very simple reason that this content is written by me. I haven’t hired a Content Writer to write this for me. If I can write this, it’s because I have practically implemented this, moreover I possess knowledge about the same.

I have handled many brands’ successful Social Media Campaigns while the advertising spent was more than 2 lacs Rupees. Apart from this, I am a Community Manager of India’s biggest Digital Marketing Facebook group owned by Digital Deepak. Also, I co-host India’s first ever Marathi language Digital Marketing Podcast.

Here’s the link –

Besides this, I have written an eBook on the topic of Social Media Marketing for small businesses. Also I write blogs to help people in their Social Media Marketing efforts.

I don’t like to brag, but this was necessary to tell.

To be honest, if you really asked me Why should I choose you in person? My real answer would be, I am the one who knows what I am doing and really passionate about it. I use this passion to grow their businesses.

Read my story here –

My Social Media Marketing Procedure

1) I audit your current Social Media Presence

Before making Strategy I will make sure where your current presence is ? Which networks you are currently active on? Which networks are working best for you? Your previous Social Media engagement and other metrics, how is your profile as compared to your competitors?

2) create Buyer Personas

It includes study of who is your ideal target audience, what’s their age, what’s their gender, where do they live, their annual income, highest level of education, occupation and many such questions. You may wonder, what’s the need of these questions? Because, not everyone on the Social Media is your audience. Buyer persona helps to target exact ideal audience.

3) I research your competition

Who are your competitors? Which good things they are doing? What are their weaknesses which I can take as opportunities? In short, competitor analysis helps to improve our existing strategy.

4) I set up your accounts or improve existing accounts

After having a discussion with you on which Social Media channels to use, I set up new profiles which includes profile and cover photos, necessary description, Facebook pixel etc.

5) I create engaging Content

The most important step! Content is the soul of marketing. Nothing works if the content is mediocre. While content creation process I make sure it’s engaging enough to drive conversions.

6) I create Social Media Content calendar

Because planning in advance is always good. It helps to keep track and maintain consistency without missing out any activity. Which post on what day has already decided by me.

7) I test, evaluate and adjust the strategy

Marketing is a dynamic space. Same strategy doesn’t work every time. Hence, I keep testing and evaluating it. Sometimes things don’t go well as anticipated, on the other hand some things turn out to be successful unexpectedly. Hence this testing phase very crucial.

8) I create a report

Every weekend I create a report based on activities performed by me last week. Data helps in tracking the progress, also it shows the room for improvement.

Frequently asked questions

Social Media Accounts Management, Paid Campaigns, Social Media Audit and Consultation.

100%, if you are willing to spend money on paid advertising.

Yes I can, but I won’t. It’s not good for business.

Because organic reach of Social Media has declined. To reach wide audience we need to spend money on advertising.

Yes, I do. Every weekend I create reports of all activities performed by me and its ROI.

You will start to see Increment in followers and engagement within 30 days. However I recommend to carry on this activity for at least 3-4 months to see the major results.

I will send you the questionnaire. After completion, we will schedule a call to discuss your answers. Moreover, I may ask additional questions if I am unclear about some points.

Feedback & Reviews

Akshay has been a great business colleague for a few months now.
He is energetic, enthusiastic and always hustling towards his dreams and new trending shots in the field of digital marketing. He has covered a lot of audiences and gains his reputation in the market since he started his own podcast – The Marathi Podcast.
Always keen to learn and implement.
I wish him all the best for his career and future 😊✌🏻
Must recommend for digital marketing content and social media ✈️

Pratik Kale

Founder, Digitise Factory Pvt.Ltd.

I have not seen so many people passionate about Digital Marketing Akshay is one of them. Loved working with him he brings energy to the work by caring for his clients

Deepak Ambegaonkar

Founder, Imarx

We sincerely feel privileged and happy to have such enthusiastic Digital Marketers as part of our community.

Digital Deepak & Sanjay Shenoy

Co-Founders, PixelTrack​

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.