Digital Marketing for Education Industry

Notebooks and pencils

 I wanted to learn Digital Marketing.

I opened my laptop, went to Google and typed “ Digital Marketing Classes in Satara”. To my surprise, there was only one promising website I found. Rest results were JustDial, Sulekha, and classes from other cities like Mumbai, Nashik, etc.

Finally, I joined the class whose website looked promising and appeared on the first page. Sheer psychology, I didn’t even know what’s digital marketing back then.

I found their website on the first page (trigger 1).

I found their website informative and compelling enough that I went to the class to attend their demo lecture. (trigger 2)

I loved the demo lecture and I took admission on the same day. (trigger 3).

This is Marketing.

Digital Marketing!

Now after doing a course, internship, working for someone else, doing freelancing projects, I run my own Digital Marketing Agency.

All these past experience taught me one thing that people still don’t know the importance of digital marketing. Hence, I decided to let them know in a very simple manner.

I am very fond of Education. So, here we go –

If you own an Educational Institute


If you’re a digital marketer and want to promote educational institutes,



Then this blog is for you.

Importance of Digital Marketing in Education Sector

So as you read how I found the digital marketing class in Satara. Slightly different but this is a story of every individual like me. Digital revolution is here. Not only young, but even older people use Google and Social Media.

Recently I conducted an online survey related Education Industry, where one of the questions was “ How do you find a coaching class?”.

Majority of people voted for Google, then Social Media, friends’ references and lastly traditional media like newspapers, banners, and local cable TV channels.

It clearly shows, if you own an Educational Institute, you must not only have a good digital presence but should be found online easily.

Let me tell you one more story apart from mine.

Rohan completed his HSC Science, got good marks in Engineering entrance exam and he took admission to Engineering. As college started, he felt that there’s a need to join an extra class. So one fine morning, Rohan searched “ Engineering classes in the city” on Google and saw 10 websites plus some Google Ads.  He clicked on one of the websites from the first page. But, suddenly his phone started ringing and that call went for the next 30 mins. Unfortunately, his phone’s battery was very low, hence after a call, Rohan closed all browser windows including that Engineering class’s and kept his phone on charging.

When his phone got fully charged, he opened Facebook to check notifications. As he continued to use Facebook, while scrolling the newsfeed he saw one ad, to his surprise that ad belonged to the same institute whose website he was checking that morning.

Rohan remembered he was visiting that institution’s website and clicked on that Facebook Ad. As he landed on the website, he filled the form after reading the information on the website. Based on that filled form, a representative from the Institute called Rohan and explained to him how good their class is! Next day Rohan went to their class with his dad and after one more discussion, he took admission finally.

Have you noticed one thing?

Despite forgetting what he was doing, Rohan saw the ad on Facebook of the same institute. Eventually, that Institute got one valuable admission. Why? Because they used Retargetting technique of Digital Marketing.

In a nutshell –

  • Digital Marketing creates brand awareness for your institute
  • It generates leads.
  • It improves your online reputation.

How to do Digital Marketing for Education Industry?

If I was you, I would have taken the following steps for my institute –


In this digital age if your business doesn’t have a website, sorry to say man but you’re making a huge mistake. Consumers are smart, they do their research before opting for anything. In your case too, students and their parents will go through your website to know more about you. Apart from this, having a website creates credibility. Nowadays, websites are very cost-effective. It doesn’t cost much, even you can make a one with WordPress.

Another crucial benefit of having a website is you can install tracking code and Facebook pixel to it. It helps us to know what’s the current scenario, from where the traffic is coming in and where to focus our digital marketing efforts. Also by using Facebook pixel, we can retarget visitors the same as Rohan’s example.

One more benefit is you can put notes on it. You can publish blogs which will educate students. Blog is one of the major components of Content Marketing. Once your blogs started ranking on Google, people will see your institute as a thought and industry leader.

Here are some points to consider before making a website –

  • Get easy to remember and type the domain name. Also, give top priority to .com.
  • Buy a hosting. Hosting is nothing but buying a space on the Internet particularly for your website.
  • Keep your website’s UI-UX very simple and easy to navigate.
  • Amazing content. Content is everything. It drives sales. Either study copywriting or hire a copy/content writers to write content for your website.
  • Use high quality, royalty-free images for website. You can use images from Pexels, Unsplash, Freepik, Pixabay.
  • Install Google Analytics, Search Console and Facebook Pixel code to track and retarget visitors.
  • Use the form to collect information from visitors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You may have heard about SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a technique to bring the website on the first page of the search engine. For a detailed explanation, you can read this.

As you read how I joined the digital marketing class. I typed the query and that institute’s website appeared on the first page. Because they had implemented SEO on their website.

Nobody or very few people visit second, third, fourth page of Google. Therefore, you must have to be on the first page!

If you are running a drawing class and if someone searches ‘drawing classes in the city’, your website should appear on the first page, in the top 3 results.

Appearing on top not only gives your business a much- needed visibility but also creates credibility. Most of the non-digital marketers don’t know what is SEO and all, they just trust what they see on the first page.

Bottom line?

Implement SEO!

Social Media Marketing

Opening a Facebook & Instagram page and merely posting anything is not Social Media Marketing.

If it was that easy why would have Social Media Marketing Agencies exist?  It needs a proper strategy to bring footfall to your class.

For example, if I was you, I would have done the following things –   

  Create a monthly Social Media calendar

What to post on which day will be already decided by me a month before. So that I can maintain consistency with my posts. There are already many institutes posting on Social Media, if I don’t maintain consistency, people will forget me/ my brand. Hence, I will make a Social Media Calendar and follow that

Create extremely valuable and engaging content

People don’t use Social Media to see posts from brands. They use it to connect with their friends and see their status updates. Also, Social Media is not Google. No one searches for the institute on Social Media. Hence, it becomes extremely necessary to create valuable and engaging content that people won’t want to miss.

For example, if I start educating through my page, gradually people will be keen to show interest. Everyone wants free education. Hence, classroom videos, Live Q/A sessions, Quiz, Poll, Facts posts will ensure that people will remain engaged.

Apart from this, I may share storytelling content and previous case studies like how a particular student from my institute got the highest percentage last year.

If you sit and think, you will come up with many brilliant ideas to promote. Always remember, Social Media is a two-way communication medium. Don’t use it like a newspaper.

Paid campaigns

Back then in 2012, Facebook posts used to get thousands of likes, but now it hardly reaches 100. Why? Because organic reach has declined.  Even if your page has 10k likes, your post won’t be visible to all those 10k people. Probably only 6-8% can see your posts. Hence it becomes necessary to spend some money on paid advertising.

Here is how you can –

  1. Boost your top-performing posts.
  2. Set proper targeting like age, location, and interests.
  3. Run lead generation campaigns to generate real time inquiries.

      Make sure while performing paid campaigns you set your targeting accurate, also visual and ad copy must be compelling otherwise your money is going to waste!

Google Ads

Another way of bringing your website on the first page apart from SEO is Google Ads. It’s also known as PPC (Pay per click). SEO takes months to rank the website. With Google Ads, you can bid for the keyword and if you win, your website appears on the first page even without doing SEO. Want more details of PPC? Read this blog.

So if someone is searching for English speaking classes and you are running an ad, then your website might appear on the first page if you win the bid. Resultantly visibility and high chances of conversion.

Not only website, with Google Ads you can run ads on YouTube as well.

So these are the 4 basic steps you need to take for your Educational Institute. Explaining everything in a single blog is quite impossible. Need more ideas? Have a doubt? Feel free to contact me!

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