I am Mister Digiwino. One who drinks, smokes, consumes Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing Consultant in Pune, India.

Social Media Marketing

As a Social Media Marketer in Pune, I combine my Marketing knowledge into these Social media platforms.

Search Engine

Want to rank your website on the first page? Then, SEO is what you should go for.

Website Designing

Website is like home to your business. I build a beautiful yet converting Websites.

Need advice?

Being a digital marketing consultant in Pune, I am always there to help you out in your any digital marketing related query.

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My e-Books & Courses

In Making.


We had hired Akshay's expertise to help us with Social Media Marketing for one of our flagship programs. He not only build a superb marketing plan for us but also gave us deep strategic insight into the world of social media. His understanding and passion for his work is practical and on point. Akshay is unconventional in his approach and brings something new to the offering each time we worked with him. One of the most creative, young professional we partnered with. We would highly recommend working with this young influencer. We wish him all the best.
Bhavna Joshii
Principal Consultant & Leadership Coach (Erickson International Certified Coach)

My story

A 22 years old Digital Marketer.

Want to know about me?Read this story.

It all started in 2012. Back then, I was 15 years old. I often used to visit Internet café. Spent hundreds of rupees, just for the sake of Facebook. I was crazy. I had become an Internet addict. A good internet addict!

Nothing inspiring, no? Rather, I am defaming myself.

Well, not at all.

As I grew older, my love of Facebook and Internet got matured. And I became a full time Social Media Marketer. LOVE SUCCESS!

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.